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About Katherine Davidson

About the Designer

Katherine Davidson is a luxury womenswear label and the brainchild of designer, Katie Heaton. Having graduated with a first class honours degree in Fashion in 2013 under her maiden name, (and name of the business) Katherine Davidson, she showed her family tree inspired graduate collection at both the LJMU graduate showcase and at Graduate Fashion week, where she was also shortlisted for the Barclays New Business Award.

The launch of Katherine Davidson and the Emareldi line is Heaton’s first venture into the world of demi-couture, and has already been awarded the accolade of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Entrepreneur Discovery award for the concept behind it.

About the Emareldi Line

Working on the concept of modular dressing, and mixing in the luxurious feel you only get from made to measure, the Emareldi line by Katherine Davidson has been in the works for several years for designer, Katie Heaton: the idea was first conceived during her studies at Liverpool John Moores University.

Describing her approach to the unusual concept of the collection, she says:

“I started with a problem: I HATE shopping. And it’s not just me; plenty of other women find it a very disheartening experience on the whole. Have you ever been shopping and found that anything that fits round your bum falls down around your waist? Have you ever had trouble getting a maxi skirt to fit because they’re all too long (or too short!)? Have you ever fallen in love with a dress in the window, only to try it on and find the fit less than desirable, or even worse, that they don’t have it in your size at all? Spending hours looking for the perfect dress for an event can be soul destroying, particularly if even after all that effort, you still can’t find anything. Almost every woman I’ve spoken to has had a similar experience. This collection is designed with all those problems in mind.

Imagine that you had in your possession a cocktail dress, which fitted every inch of you perfectly. It makes you feel glamourous. It makes you feel sexy; sophisticated and classy. You know that this dress is in your wardrobe, to take out and throw on for any event; from cocktail hour to weddings, date night to a last minute party invite, dinner with the in-laws to a night on the town; that dress is there, in your wardrobe, ready to go. No wondering if it’s too short, no hoping it won’t fall down, no wardrobe malfunctions at all, and no spending hours upon hours shopping for something that actually fits.”

That perfect dress is the Emareldi dress – the signature shape of the line, and the foundation that the collection is based on and builds from.

Don’t let the seemingly simple design fool you: it comes packed with features. From its elegant sweetheart neckline and knee-grazing length to its hidden built in corselette with detachable straps, the Emareldi dress comes made to measure in a choice of 3 colours (black, ivory and tan) and that’s just the beginning!

With an entire collection using the Emareldi dress as a foundation, and a bespoke designer option to boot, you can choose as many different ways to wear it as you can think of. From roaring 20s style flapper dresses to sweeping chiffon maxi skirts and faux fur capes, this collection might just change your way of dress shopping!

So, how did the dress, and subsequent line, come by its unusual name?

Emareldi (pronounced as though saying the letters ‘MRLD’ out loud) is named in tribute to the designer’s late Grandfather, Michael Robin Leybourne Davidson.

The name came much later on than the concept, after design and development issues a-plenty!
Michael Robin Leybourne Davidson was an engineer by trade, and artist by design. Forever solving problems, he had a unique combination of skills. Designer Katie Heaton describes how the ‘Emareldi’ dress came to be, and how it got its name:
“I had this idea in my head for years, an obsession that worked its way into a lot of my work throughout my degree studies – I wanted to create clothing that changed and developed as the wearer did. I wanted to create a look that was unique enough to stand out, yet flexible enough to adapt over years of wear. The dress had to be innovative, versatile, and took more than a little creative engineering to get it to the stage it’s at now; about to launch to the public.

Grandpa was all of those things, and one of the clearest memories I have of him as a child is standing together in our kitchen whilst he explained to me with a piece of paper and a pen exactly why he signed his paintings ‘Emareldi’, which “obviously” (in my mind) wasn’t his name. He wrote down his full name (Michael Robin Leybourne Davidson), then went back and underlined his initials, and had me sound them out loud, and waited for the penny to drop.

When it came to naming the design which had taken so long to perfect, draft and manufacture to this standard, there was only one name that stuck: Emareldi. This is my tribute to his teaching and patience.”

Image Credits

Photography: Matt Horton

Model: Salleh Sparrow

Skirt: Ariana in black by Katherine Davidson

Katherine Davidson